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University Prospects is a great place to get help when you are considering obtaining a college or university athletic scholarship for an international student. We have assisted hundreds of student athletes from around the world to find a life-changing U.S. Athletic Scholarship. Student Athletes find that the funds they invest in our service are returned to them many times over in time, travel savings and gross scholarship dollars.

University Prospects was established in 1999, in large part, to provide sports recruitment services that connect international student athletes with college and university coaches in the United States. We have helped over 700 student athletes from across the world to secure an athletic scholarship that suited their academic and athletic needs. The process of finding and contacting coaches, and dealing with all the rules and regulations enforced by the NCAA, NAIA and others, is quite a daunting process for any student-athletes and their parents.

This is magnified even moreso for international students who may have language, educational transcript and residency issues to deal with. We are also well-experienced in handling the travel requirements for students from around the world and can help make it much easier to land in a place you've never been before. At that point we then walk you through the recruitment process one step at a time and explain things to you and your family back home as well.

More and more student-athletes are looking at the enormous opportunities for international student athletes to play at the College or University level in the United States. UP is recognized as a leading source of quality athletes for coaches and programs who have neither the time or budget to even consider recruiting international students on their own. We represent quality athletes who also have what it takes in the classroom. We properly promote your athletic abilities to colleges and universities that meet your academic qualifications.

Each student athlete has different abilities and academic status.We want to help you find a suitable school that offers athletic and academic programs you are looking for. The right "fit" can make all the difference in your eventual level of success.

Opportunities exist at over 2,000 universities and colleges in 26 different sports for male and female student athletes. UP will give you a fantastic opportunity to continue playing a sport you love while getting a quality education, at a great price!

(The experience is pretty awesome as well)

Please contact us today at international@universityprospects.com

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