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"UP gave me opportunities that I never thought I was capable of getting. They made me understand that I needed to get noticed to get exposure. I always thought if schools weren't contacting me that I wasn't chosen for a scholarship. This program gave me options to consider and I was contacted by over 20 coaches personally and received a great scholarship. UP saved me a lot of money towards my college education."

Shawn Jackson



Testimonials from student athletes and parents:

I am extremely delighted to write a testimonial about the benefits of the services provided by University Prospects. As dedicated parents, we naturally wanted the best for our son. When we initially started the college search process, it quickly became apparent that, as dedicated as we were to finding the best possible fit for our son, both academically and athletically, we started to understand that there were many possibilities for him that we had not included in the initial list of schools that we had prepared.

In the ten months that we spent in the college search process, my son and I visited a total of 15 college campuses. In so doing, we drove over 10,000 miles. We flew many thousands of miles as well. In as much as this might seem like we covered all the necessary territory to make an informed, intelligent decision, it is nothing compared to the power of the internet. Indeed, my honest, personal feelings are that all our running around accounted for less than 1% of the actual benefits we received in the overall college search process. The remaining 99% of the benefits came from the countless hours that Brian Smith spent on the telephone, reviewing with coach after coach the details of my son's tennis abilities and how he would add to the goal of a winning record for the school and add positively to the entire college community as a whole.

University Prospects makes it possible to connect with coaches who have the ability to make an independent, accurate assessment of a student/athlete's abilities. In addition, the coach is then in a unique position to leverage this information in a positive, beneficial way to the admissions office. I can categorically state, that it would be impossible to get the same results, trying to do this process alone. Brian Smith's input becomes invaluable in the college search process, as it is he alone that adds credibility to the student/athletes quest. Would Brian spend so much of his time and energy in a fruitless endeavor? The answer is: certainly not. Guess what? The coaches know that too. If we as parents, tried to contact coaches directly, it would be impossible for them to be constantly fielding answers to all our independent questions. Brian Smith makes it possible for all our general questions to be answered through University Prospects. This allows the precious few minutes of actual contact with the coaches to remain in only those topics of the absolute, utmost importance. This process streamlines and enhances the value of the service.

The single message that I have sent to my son is, "There is nothing more important than education." If, in addition, you can play a sport that you love, the benefits of this combination outweigh all other things. My son was recruited to play tennis at Kenyon College. My wife and I believe that this is the best school in America for my son. University Prospects found in one college the best academic and athletic combination for my son anywhere. I will always be grateful to Brian for his tireless efforts on behalf of my son. After meeting and working with Brian throughout the entire college search process, it is easy for me to unconditionally recommend his service to anyone.

Gregory Still, Westchester County, New York
Dear Mr. Smith - University Prospects

On behalf of the entire Chorney Family I would like to thank you for providing the guidance and assistance in securing a golf scholarship for our son Jonathan. Without University Prospects and your personalized service we would not be celebrating Jonathan's acceptance to a US college. It was always our goal to have Jonathan attend a private institution and through you this was achieved. Quite frankly, it would not have been possible for the family to fund a private college education without your assistance. Through your extensive recruiting process we were in contact, or contacted, by no less than forty schools. We eventually narrowed down our search to ten and from there we visited four schools on a trip to the US. As a result from your service we several offers on the table when it came down to make a decision and the result was we found a school that fir our son academically, athletically and fit his personality to a tee. The satisfaction of knowing the selection process is now over and the fact that we found the school of our choice is rather overwhelming. The process of researching, contacting, and selecting a school can be a rather daunting task for most parents and student athletes. You personally committed to help us through the entire process from start to finish. You delivered what you promised. Again, thank you for all your sincere assistance, without a question we would recommend your company and services to our closest friends.
Bob. Chorney, Canada
It is with pleasure that I offer this testimonial regarding University Prospects and the service provided by Brian Smith. Our Daughter recently received a full academic scholarship from St. Mary’s University in Halifax to play on their varsity basketball team. We had anticipated that she would end up in the States and she had been on several official visits. She received an offer from a school in South Carolina, which she was about to accept when she received an invitation to visit St. Mary’s. After some deliberation, she felt her academic needs would be better met by staying in Canada.

From the outset of our involvement with University Prospects, Brian provided the personal service required to get the attention we were hoping to get for our daughter. I had stared the process myself and soon realized that the task of pursuing a scholarship was one that I lacked both the experience and time to achieve; I needed help. We were late starting the process because a knee injury had taken our daughter out of the limelight and we needed to get her noticed again. With Brian’s help, we pulled together her academic/athletic profile and prepared a video CD, which was well received by the coaching staffs that received a copy. It was professionally prepared and far exceeded anything that I had attempted to put together myself. It is an invaluable component of the service provided by University prospects.

Once our daughter’s profile was circulated to the prospective schools, the response was overwhelming and our e-mail box was overflowing with responses from colleges and universities, many of which I did not know existed. Had I continued to pursue the scholarship chase on my own I might have contacted twenty to twenty-five schools at the most, but with University prospects the number of schools that received our daughter’s profile numbered in the hundreds and we fielded serious interest from 75 to 100 schools.

Brian gave our daughter exposure to good schools I would never have contemplated or even new existed. He works very hard and he does what he says he will do. With a little effort on our part to keep the inquiries from schools organized and to follow up with the coaches our chances of success were greatly improved. Without hesitation, I recommend his services to any parent who believes their child has the potential to play their sport at the university level. Brian has the experience of going through the process and was always available to provide advice to our daughter and us.

I believe that his services are absolutely necessary in the scholarship seeking process.
Bill Finlay
To whom it may concern......

For several months early in to 2003 I had been looking for educational and tennis opportunities for my son Callen upon graduation from high school in June of 2003 . I had made some contacts but without any real success.

Early in June of this year, I became aware of existence of University Prospects, an agency available to assist in the placement of student / athletes in post secondary schools in the USA., and contacted Brian Smith, president, to help with this search. Acknowledging the lateness of the hour relative to securing a school for the fall semester, Brian and his people immediately organized a profile of my son for their website, prepared an CD of his Tennis playing skills and contact numerous USA colleges and universities on his behalf to determine what options may exist for him to pursue his schooling and tennis interests outside of Canada. Needless to say there were numerous responses and a great deal of interest generated around Callen, in an EXTREMELY short period of time. Regardless of the last minute situation we were able to secure a couple of offers for Callen to attend one of those schools on a partial athletic scholarship basis. The offers were discussed with Brian and advise offered . A decision was made and a small school chosen in Tennessee where Callen exists today following his dream.

Brian Smith and his company were instrumental in securing this opportunity for Callen. He was tireless in his efforts, informative about all aspects of the process and helpful every step of the way. His personal knowledge of the American college system was invaluable. We were lucky to find him and are very thankful for his part he played in shaping Callen's future.
Charles D. Ritcey,
Halifax, N.S. Canada, B3K 2R8
(902) 454-4630
I have had the privilege of working with Brian Smith regarding two of my nieces. Brian was successful in getting both of them full scholarships in the USA. Becky Shields and Misty Klie are listed on the web site of University Prospects and you can see for your self that they are your average, normal, typical student athletes. They do not stand out in a crowd.

Brian made them stand out. He presented them in the best possible light to numerous schools in the USA and then worked diligently with them to choose the right school and right program for them. Misty Klie is an outgoing straight ahead student with good marks - not exceptional - who plays basketball. She is enrolled in a school that has 30,000 students and a good basketball program. Misty is continuing to do well in a general academic program getting good marks - A's - and having the time of her life. Her team is 4 and 0 and she is - in her words - getting lots of court time.

Becky Shields is at a school that has 2000 students, a great fine arts program and a brand new field hockey program. At Brian's urging Becky and her aunt went down to the school for an 4 day orientation meeting and the school was so impressed by her athletic ability and her fine arts portfolio that she was offered an athletic aid program immediately that pays for all of her expenses. Her first year team had a 6 and 9 record and Becky played virtually the entire game throughout the season and was their leading goal scorer. Becky is also very busy with the social aspect of the school and doing very well with her academic program.

Without hesitation or qualification I can recommend to you Brian Smith and University Prospects. My son who is now in grade 11 is enrolled in Brian's program which is the 3rd student athlete that I have sponsored in this program.
Best Regards, Paul Klie
"Thanks to University Prospects I was able to experience a dream that otherwise would not have been possible. I am now attending Seton Hill University in Greensburg, P.A. playing field hockey with a great group ot girls and a fantastic coach, Jess Black. At the same time, I am enrolled in the Fine Arts Program of my choice. Brian encouraged me and helped me with the SAT's and made my athletic as well as art skills known to many universities. To Brian and University Prospects, I just want to say thanks for everything.

Becky Shields, Canada
"University Prospects found me the right school for me. It really gets your name where it should be. Brian Smith (President) helps every step of the way. Thank you University Prospects. Misty Klie, Pensacola Junior College Women's Basketball."
Misty Klie, Canada
"UP was a lifesaver for me. I signed up with many other recruitment services and received no personal attention. In 4 weeks with UP I had 3 scholarship offers and had a chance to visit Florida on a recruiting trip. I signed a letter of intent to attend Cumberland University in August. If it wasn't for UP I wouldn't have had the chance to receive this tennis scholarship. UP made my dream of playing university tennis in the US come true."
Will Edmonds, England
I would just like to say a big thank you for all your time and effort you put in, to help me find a college. Coming from England it would have been impossible to conduct such a great deal which you did, so I realize now how many strings you had to pull to get a me a good deal with a college. Although my SAT Scores were not the greatest, I believe you got me the best possible deal available to suit me. I now look forward to studying at William Woods College and perusing my soccer career in the States. ME and my family are very grateful and will sure pass your name and reputation onto others interested.
Jamie Davies, England
I am a happy, contented transfer student thanks to the friendly and helpful services I got from University Prospects during the fall of 2001. I was given efficient, high tech assistance with the promotion of my athletic abilities out in cyberspace when I felt I needed to make a change to my higher education institution.

My web page design was quickly done and made available to schools and coaches. Brian kept me informed as contacts were made and he was able to help orchestrate the right fit for me to a new school. I am very satisfied with my new academic facility and the soccer program at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. It has been a great soccer season and school year. I would recommend University Prospects to anyone wishing to be professionally promoted to schools and coaches.
Heather Ireland, Ontario, Canada
University Prospects is definitely the best way to get recognized by College and University coaches. After signing up with University Prospects, I received so many phone calls and so much mail from coaches all around the United States. The response from coaches was incredible. I have just signed for a soccer scholarship to Clayton State and College University in Atlanta, Georgia and University Prospects made it all possible. Within just two months of signing up, I received my Letter of Intent. I am very happy with the outcome and I recommend University Prospects to anyone who would like to get discovered to play College level sports.
Cassandra Rapaich, Ontario, Canada
I just want to say thank you really, for all that you have done to help me find a college to play soccer at in the US. This opportunity is going to give me the chance to attend school and play soccer on a great scholarship. I would have never had this opportunity if I didn't enroll in your fantastic program. My family and I are very excited and would recommend your program without any hesitation to any athlete looking to receive an athletic scholarship.
Dean Gray, England
"I didn't realize that so many schools offered volleyball scholarships to female athletes. UP opened so many doors for me and exposed me to many different programs. The personal assistance I got made me understand the recruitment process and answered all the questions I had along the way. I signed a letter with an excellent university which met my academic and academic needs."
Jennifer Izzo, Canada
"UP gave me opportunities that I never thought I was capable of getting. They made me understand that I needed to get noticed to get exposure. I always thought if schools weren't contacting me that I wasn't chosen for a scholarship. This program gave me options to consider and I was contacted by over 20 coaches personally and received a great scholarship. UP saved me a lot of money towards my college education."
Shawn Jackson, Canada
"At UP, Brian got me in touch with a lot of coaches throughout the US, I made a visit to Philadelphia and now I have singed a letter of intent to of one the top soccer colleges. I definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for an athletic scholarship."
David Cachia, England
"UP walked me through the recruitment process one step at a time and guided me in the right direction towards making a decision to attend a university or college. I made the decision to attend Potomac State College because it was a smaller school which was more suitable to me and my family. This school would have never found me with UP services and I am very grateful."
Brad Atkinson, Canada
"Hello Brian,

Thank you very much for all that you have done for me. It was great to be enlisted in University Prospects and i would like to thank you for doing such a great job. I am almost done with all the paperwork, i just need to get my visa and choose my classes, other than that i am leaving August 2nd to drive down to Missouri and attend University for the year 2004/2005. I will keep in touch with you and keep you updated on how it goes. Thank you once again for a wonderful service, and giving me the opportunity to study and play soccer in a higher level."
Thank you, Johannes Von Westphalen, British Colombia, Canada
Athletics has always been my favorite sport,but I always thought I would have to give it up when I got to College- if I even managed to secure a place.University Prospects actually used my talent to secure a place for me in one of the accredited colleges in the USA! I will get a chance to further my education and be part of the schools' athletic team! Its a dream come true! With University Prospects, I got all the attention,assistance and information I needed Thank you!!
Zinzlie Maseko, Botswana, Africa
Thanks for the service you have provided, it has allowed me to gain access to the school of my choice. If it had not of been for the two reps Brian and Aidan (UK rep) then i wouldn't have been attending a good college in America. Thanks for the hard work guys getting me where I wanted to be.
Darren Skudder, England
Dear Mr. Smith

I just want to thank you for organising my scholarship here to the States. You have made tjhe daunting task of finding a scholarship so much easier, and have kept in touch with the players constantly. I am very excited to have the opportunity to get a my eduaction paid for while playing soccer at university. University Prospects got me noticed to coaches in various programs, and I chose a school that suited my educational and athletic needs best.

Thanks once again,
Ollie Skelding, Australia
Dear Brian:

I would like to say a big thankyou to 'UP' for helping me find a great scholarship in the USA. IT has given me the oppotunity to study and continue to play soccer full time. Your endless time and contact with colleges has been phenomeonal. I will be recommending anybody who wishes to continue studying and playing soccer to 'UP' in the future. Thank you
Adrian Papaluca, Australia
I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to Brian at University Prospects for all of his help and guidance in the process of getting word out for a kid who wants to play at the next level. Brian has the experience, knowledge and compassion to make any kid’s dream come true. We will always be grateful for the experience with Brian and University Prospects.

Thank you
Mary Pendergraft, Louisana, USA
University Prospects is a great program that helps athletes attain scholarships. I am currently on golf scholarship at Northwood University in Florida. I was very pleased with how Brian walked me and my dad through all the steps involved in the program and how prompt Brian was with everything. I started the process late but Brian still managed to get everything done and get the CD sent out to a huge amount of Universities and colleges. I was very excited to see all the information from so many different schools flowing in via mail, email and telephone. It seemed every day there was someone new to talk to about my post secondary education. I was contacted by schools ranging from huge state schools to small, private Universities but all I can really say now is that I am playing collegiate golf in sunny florida... life is great and so is University Prospects. If you are a high school athlete looking to play sports in the U.S. I urge you to try University Prospects. The results are amazing.
Michael Mortawetz, Ontario Canada
I was very impressed by the service that UP offers. Not only did they give me fantastic exposure to a high number of colleges throughout the US which would have been impossible to do myself, but their continued support and guidance helped me through all stages of the recruitment process. I'd like to thank both Brian Smith (President of UP) and Aidan Boxall (UK Rep) for their fast responses to both emails and messages which enabled the smoothest possible running of the recruitment process and has enabled me to find a great college in Trevecca Nazarane. I cannot wait to begin my soccer scholarship and I wish UP the best of luck for the future.
Andy McGovern, England
"I spent two years in the hands of Brian Smith and University Prospects due to injury. Not once did they ever give up on me and after a lot of hard work I was recruited by St Thomas University, Miami. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Brian and all his staff for there persistence over the last two years, and I'd recommend their services to anybody who's interested in becoming a student athlete".
Phill Fisher, England
The service provided by UP was exceptional. Within days of my profile being sent out I was receiving offers from numerous Universities and Colleges. I also received a high number of telephone calls from interested coaches. I would like to thank Brian for his quick response to any queries my parents or I had and all his help over the last few months, without his assistance I am sure I would not have found as good a University as Nova Southeastern in Florida Thank You!
Jason Mitchell, England
Without the help of Brian and University Prospects, we would not have found Caetano. They do an excellent job of providing all the necessary information a college coach can need to recruit an individual—from video footage to references it’s all there. University Prospects is a first-rate program that provided us with some exceptional recruiting opportunities.
Doug Hess / Head Men's Soccer Coach / Campbell University
(910) 893-1333 - phone
(910) 814-4318 - fax

My daughter is a tennis player and with all of Brians hard work, we had 35-40 universities and colleges that were interested in her.
She decided that she wants to study in North Carolina. So Brian had set her with dates and times for her interviews.
She found it very hard to make her decision, only because Brian sent us to all the Universities that were "fit", for her. He knows exactly where your son/daughter would do well.
She will be attending UNCP in the fall with a full scholarship!
We truly couldn't have done it without Brian!
Please call me at 4164250042 if you have any questions

Mary Di Nunzio
Mary Di Nunzio
Toronto, Canada

The process involved in pursuing a U.S. athletic scholarship can seem overwhelming for the student athlete and his/her parents.

Brian Smith of University Prospects has the knowledge and personal experience to put things in perspective and to assist in finding the right academic and athletic fit for your son or daughter.  Brian is honest, very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.


Jennifer Brinks

Testimonials from Coaches:

"I recieved a player from university prospects. She is an outstanding young lady on and off the court. The players university prospects represents are the kind of student/athletes we are all searching for. I will use the service again."
Vicki Carson, Head Women's coach pensacola Jr. College.
"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Brian and University Prospects. This service is excellent and they provided me with an excellent men's tennis prospect that will benefit our young tennis program for the next four years. I've had dealings with several other recruiting services, but UP is the most dedicated services to both the players and coaches. Thanks so much."
Matt Floyd, Tennis Coach - Bethel College (TN)
"UP has given my program easy access to new international student athletes. My program doesn't have the resources to find many athletes and this service makes recruiting easy and cost effective for me to find the athletes I am looking for."
NCAA division 1 Golf Coach
"UP and its founder Brian Smith have given me a great recruiting tool for my college program. He has created a unique service that finds the coaches needs and seeks high caliber student athletes that to fill those needs. In 2001, I was able to give a UP recruit a scholarship that he might not have known about, as well as my program getting a quality athlete that I may have never been able to contact or get through regular recruiting avenues. Mr. Smith also gives me the opportunity to contact and recruit foreign players that are many times overlooked or never recruited. I plan on having "UP" on my computers favorites menu and will check the site/ recruit list daily! I look forward to a yearly recruiting process with UP, as well as helping foreign players come abroad with scholarship aid to play college soccer in the states."
Keith J. Docollewaert/ Head Men's Soccer Coach/ Potomac State College
"UP is a neat service that is changing the recruitment needs of college coaches. I was very impressed with their high tech CD video which was sent to me with a new recruit's video. It was very clear and easy to watch unlike many other I receive daily. UP gives me the chance to see many athletes I usually wouldn't be able to contact."
NCAA II Hockey Coach
As a college coach, it is impossible for me to recruit globally. I’m busy enough trying to identify and qualify talent regionally for my program. University Prospects enables me to expand my recruiting base to the global market. I am confident that the players they promote are quality student-athletes capable of competing at the collegiate level. They’ve done the work of and identifying and qualifying these athletes that allows me to recruit successfully and remain competitive as a collegiate program. This is an invaluable service we will use again and again.
Robert Poyden / Head Soccer Coach / William Woods University/ MO, USA
I recommend University Prospects to every student athlete interested in participating in collegiate athletics. Brian Smith, a former college athlete and coach has great experience in helping young people find an opportunity for them to succeed. At Oklahoma Christian University, we are the 2003 National Champions in the NAIA. We owe our success to help from great services and people such as University Prospects and Brian Smith.
Chris Young / Head Tennis Coach / Oklahoma Christian University
Vinny Gill, Thomas University #23 in country NAIA 2003 "I worked with University prospects this year and found it to be an enjoyable experience. All their players were quality and they placed more information on the website than you usually receive about players. This made the decision-making process easier for coaches like me. Also, the quality of the cd's that they created were above the level that I usually receive. In all, I am more than happy to recommend University Prospects as a valuable recruiting tool for college coaches.
Vinny Gill / Head Soccer Coach / Thomas University
Brian: Many thanks for bringing Mike to our attention. He possesses the qualities we look for – a solid student, skilled golfer, good citizenship and a strong work ethic. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to all prospective college bound athletes. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Bill Caudill / Head Men & Women’s Golf Coach / Northwood University
Brian, we are very pleased to have Robert join our college this August. He is not only an excellent player but also a strong student and the kind of student/athlete we look for at Shorter College. Your service was very useful in helping select Robert and I would recommend that other coaches follow-up on the athletes enrolled in your program.
Regards, Gordon Leslie / Head Men's Soccer Coach / Shorter College
"My first experience with University Prospects has been nothing short of terrific. No doubt, I would eagerly and gladly use them again to recruit quality, international players to my program. The process was smooth, purposeful, and unmatched in service. From start to finish, University Prospects proved themselves to be knowledgeable, informative, professional, responsive, and pleasant. They were great!"
Sanford Zensen, D.Phil. / Director of Athletics/ Men's Soccer Coach
Brian - Thank-you for your invaluable help in recruiting Darren Skudder. The speed that you managed to process all the paperwork made this scholarship possible. He is a fantastic addition to our program. A born leader, his tactical savvy and vocal presence on the pitch has already taken us to the next level. Simply put, Darren has been a class act for us, I'll definitely be using University prospects again."
Sincerely, Michael McBride / Head Men's Soccer Coach / Notre Dame College, Ohio. NAIA
You'd be hard-pressed to find a service with more dedication to it's players. As the President of the DVCHC Women's Ice Hockey Division I've been in touch with Brian Smith and University Prospects frequently for things as small as "how does the campus look" to questions like "how can this player go to American U for as little money as possible." Whatever the case, whatever the question, it's obvious that UP is not only committed to finding a great home for it's members, they're also putting in the extra effort to make sure that home is the best place possible. Keep up the great work.
Bryan Benenati, / President, DVCHC Women's Ice Hockey / Washington DC

"UP has given my program easy access to new international student athletes. My program doesn't have the resources to find many athletes and this service makes recruiting easy and cost effective for me to find the athletes I am looking for.

NCAA division 1 Golf Coach

"UP walked me through the recruitment process one step at a time and guided me in the right direction towards making a decision to attend a university or college. I made the decision to attend Potomac State College because it was a smaller school which was more suitable to me and my family. This school would have never found me with UP services and I am very grateful."

Brad Atkinson