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"UP is a neat service that is changing the recruitment needs of college coaches. I was very impressed with their high tech CD video which was sent to me with a new recruit's video. It was very clear and easy to watch unlike many other I receive daily. UP gives me the chance to see many athletes I usually wouldn't be able to contact."

NCAA II Hockey Coach



Looking for sport university scholarships? You’ve come to the right place. At University prospects you can discover various university scholarships from colleges and universities in United States and Canada. We specialize in helping student athletes get the exposure they need to secure all sorts of athletic scholarships.

UP President' Info

Brian A. Smith was a former ranked junior in Canadian tennis. He was ranked # 2 in Ontario and top 10 in Canada in his last year of junior competition. Brian attended the University of Texas from 1994-1998 on a full tennis scholarship. He was assistant coach of the University of Texas tennis team for the 1999 season, and overlooked many superior student athletes due to lack of exposure. UP's service was created to help international student athletes get the exposure they need to get recruited.

Thousands of coaches are looking for student athletes but don't have the resources to find them. UP will bring these coaches to you by contacting them on a daily basis, and marketing your athletic skills and academic abilities. UP will make coaches know who you are so you have a great chance of obtaining an athletic scholarship.

University Prospects (UP) was established in the year 2000 for international student athletes to properly exposure and market themselves to college and university coaches in the United States and Canada.

UP had a 95% success rate with the 2001 student athletes enrolled in our program. These athletes received athletic and academic scholarships to help them pay for their college education. University and college coaches don't have the resources to find international student athletes, and our program makes it easy for them to recruit qualified student athletes like you.

UP's Head office is located in Toronto, and recently expanded across Canada with offices in Hamilton, Montreal, Collingwood, and four different countries worldwide.

Up offers our special services to individual student athletes and various sports organizations and teams. If you want to get noticed by professional coaches, feel free to contact us and receive more detailed information.

international student athletes University prospects Head office is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada

"I was very impressed with the level of players UP has advertised. UP has a professional approach with a genuine interest in finding the right opportunity for each of the student athletes in the program. Lee's McRae College looks forward to continuing this relationship!"