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 As part of your package you may wish to include footage which which has been previously shot by yourself or others. No problem. We work with all kinds of footage which comes to us in many containers including DVD's, DV Tape, Digital Cards and on USB Keys. All of these are quite usable but we have found a few operating principals which can make working with these formats better for everyone.

First, please send only copies of the footage if at all possible. "Lost in transit" are bad words to use in any correspondence. Also please send us your footage on GENERIC USB Keys if at all possible. We wouldn't wish to have trouble finding a key which is of sentimental or real value and which cannot be replaced.

We also accept a great deal of footage over the Internet. With all of the methods we have used the easiest continues to be if you can upload it to You Tube and send us the link. Of course we can use other "cloud" methods of file transfer just please make sure your footage can be made public so we can have access to them. Also, we accept footage shot anywhere in the world to the local standards of that area.

Looking at the footage itself there are a few items we should consider. If the footage was shot as an overall game record, and not focusing on the individual, then we may have a difficult time picking out our student-athlete. When this happens we will usuallly put the footage back online and allow a member of your family to make a note of the time which corresponds to a highlight which should be included as part of the process. We will then clip out the highlight and use an arrow to point out the player we are working with.  


At other times we may be working with pre-edited highlights. In order to get your input as to what should be used in the final presentation we will cut the footage into clips and number them. We will then make a decision as to what we think should be in the final presentation and in what order. We will also include those highlights we left out so that you can have the final say. (Please note that none of the footage below was shot by us even though some of it is branded with the University Prospects logo)