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Kurtis Campbell, Golf Scholarship, Lincoln Memorial University
Kurtis Campbell
B/D: 26 Sep 95
Golf Scholarship
Lincoln Memorial University
Laura Mick, Soccer Scholarship, Western Illinois University
Laura Mick
B/D: 28 Jan 95
Soccer Scholarship
Western Illinois University
Vincent Dinunzio, Hockey Scholarship, Florida Gulf Coast University
Vincent Dinunzio
B/D: 14 Sep 95
Hockey Scholarship
Florida Gulf Coast University
Corey Brown, Soccer Scholarship, University of Queens Charlotte
Corey Brown
B/D: 23 Nov 95
Soccer Scholarship
University of Queens Charlotte
Sarah  Lowicki, Soccer Scholarship, U of Florida Gulf Coast
Sarah  Lowicki
B/D: 08 Feb 95
Soccer Scholarship
U of Florida Gulf Coast
Davis Hocking, Soccer Scholarship, St Peter's University
Davis Hocking
B/D: 23 Feb 96
Soccer Scholarship
St Peter's University
Kelsey Hand, Soccer Scholarship, Cape Breton University
Kelsey Hand
B/D: 24 Jul 96
Soccer Scholarship
Cape Breton University
Iryna Kostirko, Tennis Scholarship, Boston University
Iryna Kostirko
B/D: 22 Feb 96
Tennis Scholarship
Boston University
Kendra Ridley, Soccer Scholarship, University of Maine
Kendra Ridley
B/D: 27 Oct 96
Soccer Scholarship
University of Maine
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UNIVERSITY PROSPECTS ( UP ) provides an international sports recruitment service that connects student athletes with college and university coaches. We specialize in helping student athletes get the exposure they need to secure all sorts of athletic scholarships. We primary specialize in: golf scholarships, hockey scholarships, baseball scholarships, football scholarships, tennis scholarships, track & field scholarships, volleyball scholarships, basketball scholarships, field hockey scholarships, cross country scholarships, soccer scholarships, lacrosse scholarships, skiing scholarships.

There are enormous opportunities for international student athletes to play at the university or college level, in the United States or Canada. UP is a knowledgeable company with lots of experience in marketing student athletes to college and university coaches to get them the exposure they need to get recruited. UP properly promotes the student athletes and attracts the attention of college coaches.

UP gives the prospect instant exposure to every university and college in the United States and Canada. We walk each student athlete step by step through the recruitment process giving them the guidance and support they need to help them achieve their academic and athletic goals. We promote our athletes by mailing student profiles to coaches, internet marketing, editing of student athletes videotapes, email, fax, continuous phone contact with coaches, SAT counseling, financial aid assistance, and personal guidance through the recruitment process. International student athletes must be marketing properly to stand out above the rest.

Opportunities exist at over 2,000 universities and colleges in 26 different sports for male and female student athletes. UP will give you a great opportunity to continue playing a sport you love while getting the best education, at a great price!

The main objective of each student athlete enrolled in the UP program is to receive a great education, and obtaining athletic or academic assistance helps them pay for it.

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March 16, 2014 - Recent NCAA 1 Soccer Scholarships Signings

Congratulations to UP clients Christine Rebus from Ottawa who will be attending Iona University and Kendra Ridley who will be attending the University of Maine. Both girls played for Capital United. Rachelle Baumann from Waterloo signed a scholarship to attend the U of South Carolina Upstate and Reighan Plug from Guelph will be attending St Peter's University. Rachelle and Reighan played for Waterloo United. All the best from all of us here at UP in the Fall 2015!!!!

March 15, 2014 - Recent Parent's Testimonial

We began working with UP last February for our daughter and I can't say enough about how helpful and informative they are for us. The university search, gathering of information, contacting coaches is a tedious and time consuming process of which was impossible for us to do on our own. UP was able to do all of this background work for us as he has a large network he works with. His ability with speaking with coaches, introducing our daughters profile, putting together our visits, and negotiating a scholarship, was fabulous. It was important we felt comfortable about the city's we were considering and UP made sure of this. We would have never received a scholarship from the fabulous school and area without UP's help and reference. All of the coaches we met on our tours, said they trusted UP and who he was sending as recruits and this was the opening we needed to get our daughter seen. Thank you to Brian and UP for all they have done for our family. We are extremely grateful.

March 12, 2014 - SAT Prep For Student Athletes

The SAT exam is a standardized entrance exam which is required to get admission into colleges across the US. It holds its value in being a common standardized test, which is uniformly conducted for all the students who appear for it. Moreover, a good score in the SAT exam can help in getting admission into a college and course of your choice. It is for this reason that the competition level is increasing every year with more and more students appearing for it. Please contact us for SAT Prep group classes and private sessions.

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PROSPECT of the WEEK, Courtney Douglas, Soccer, St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School
Courtney Douglas


Aaron Taylor, Skiing Scholarship, Blyth Academy
Aaron Taylor
B/D: 29 Mar 95
Skiing Scholarship
Year of Grad:
Justin Bedrosian, Soccer Scholarship, Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School
Justin Bedrosian
B/D: 02 Jul 96
Soccer Scholarship
Year of Grad:
Steven  Vucic, Soccer Scholarship, St. Marcellinus Secondary School
Steven  Vucic
B/D: 27 Mar 96
Soccer Scholarship
Year of Grad:
Levi Neeson, Golf Scholarship, All Saints Catholic High School
Levi Neeson
B/D: 01 Aug 96
Golf Scholarship
Year of Grad:
Jatin  Arora, Soccer Scholarship, North Park Secondary School
Jatin  Arora
B/D: 29 Dec 97
Soccer Scholarship
Year of Grad:
Mary Margaret Jardin, Soccer Scholarship, Little Flower Academy
Mary Margaret Jardin
B/D: 23 Jan 97
Soccer Scholarship
Year of Grad:
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