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"UP and its founder Brian Smith have given me a great recruiting tool for my college program. He has created a unique service that finds the coaches needs and seeks high caliber student athletes that to fill those needs. In 2001, I was able to give a UP recruit a scholarship that he might not have known about, as well as my program getting a quality athlete that I may have never been able to contact or get through regular recruiting avenues. Mr. Smith also gives me the opportunity to contact and recruit foreign players that are many times overlooked or never recruited. I plan on having "UP" on my computers favorites menu and will check the site/ recruit list daily! I look forward to a yearly recruiting process with UP, as well as helping foreign players come abroad with scholarship aid to play college soccer in the states."

Keith J. Docollewaert


Brian is the founder and president of UniversityProspects President - Brian A Smith - Brian is the founder and president of UP. Brian brings years of experience being a top recruited athlete himself and also as an assistant coach at the NCAA division 1 level. He has seen both sides of the recruitment process being a coach and player and brings many recruiting tips to make you a successful prospect for an athletic scholarship.
Personal best president and co-founder Barrie Shepley has been Canada's National Triathlon Team Barrie Shepley Personal best president and co-founder Barrie Shepley has been Canada's National Triathlon Team coach since 1991. In that time Barrie has coached over 500 people to national championship titles, Pan American Game's medals, World Championship medals as well as successful completion of the Hawaii Ironman and the Boston Marathon. Barrie was selected to go to the 2000 Sydney Olympics where Triathlon made its debut as a full medal sport. Canada won the gold in the men's event, a performance no one will ever forget.
the head coach of the University of Toronto's Nabil Tadros - Nabil has been the head coach of the University of Toronto's men's and women's tennis teams for the last 18 years. He is level 3 certified in both basketball and tennis and has worked with many scholarship bound athletes in Canada for both sports.
Nabil operates Varsity Tennis and Basketball Academy which has helped many athletes bring their game to the next level for college athletics.
David is considered the hockey specialist of UniversityProspects David Ferguson - David is considered the hockey specialist of UP. He has over 10 years of experience in southern Ontario coaching and scouting players and teams. David has helped many UP student athletes through the recruitment process and NCAA rules and regulations. David has been in contact with many coaches the last year and is the organizer of the upcoming UP recruitment athletic camps.

"UP gave me opportunities that I never thought I was capable of getting. They made me understand that I needed to get noticed to get exposure. I always thought if schools weren't contacting me that I wasn't chosen for a scholarship. This program gave me options to consider and I was contacted by over 20 coaches personally and received a great scholarship. UP saved me a lot of money towards my college education."

Shawn Jackson