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Looking for a university athletic scholarship? You’ve come to the right place. At University prospects we will help you discover the many options offered by various colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. Our main job is to help student athletes get the exposure they need, and find the hidden opportunities that are available during the search for athletic scholarships.

Just because this discussion is about athletic scholarships doesn't detract from the importance of the academics involved. In fact when you deal with us our first task is always to find you an opportunity at an institution which focuses on the major you have chosen as your educational path.

We never lose sight of the fact that the real goal here is to help you get a great education.........while using all the hard work you have put into your favorite sport to help pay for it. Further this there are some important details you need to know wherever your search leads us all. 

If you want the opprtunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics at a college or university in the United States you must fulfill these certain requirements.

  • If you wish to attend a 4 year university or college you must write your scholastic assessment test. (SAT) University Prospects has in-house access to SAT Preparation Services as one of our offerings. Ask us for imformation about this convenient, and necessary, part of looking for an athletic scholarship.
  • If you are from a predominantly non-english speaking country you must take the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Second Language)
  • You can only qualify for a 2 Year Junior college if you have NOT taken the SAT test but have a high school diploma

As well these are the levels of college sports you need to be aware of and the categories of institutions involved.

NCAA Division 1: (National Collegiate Athletic Association) These schools provide not only the highest level of competition but the largest number of available scholarships as well. These schools are also noticeably larger in terms of student population and the variety of high-quality educational programs. They offer both athletic scholarships as well as having financial aids and grants available.

NCAA Division 2: These schools are smaller and sometimes have a curriculum which specializes in certain educational paths. (Tech, Agricultural...etc) The top programs in division 2 schools are competitive with division 1 programs. These schools provide not only scholarships but financial aid and grants as well.

NCAA Division 3: Schools participating in Division 3 cannot provide athletic scholarships. However many high school graduates receive academic scholarships, financial aid, grants and even jobs on campus which is known as work study.

NAIA: (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) NAIA schools can offer athletic scholarships, as well as other benefits to assist the student in defraying the cost of their education. Some of the Nationally Ranked NAIA programs successfully compete with NCAA programs.

NJCAA: (National Junior College Athletic Association) Financial aid is provided for the cost of tuition and books. In general the tuition for a Junior College is much less than that for a 4 year school. If you are not ready to attend a 4 year university this can be a great way to get prepared.

To qualify for athletics at Divisions 1, 2, and 3 plus NAIA and NJCC schools you need to complete a certain amount of courses and obtain a minimum grade point average. Part of our service is to evaluate your academic record and see which levels of athletic competition, and academic structure, you are eligible for.  

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"At UP, Brian got me in touch with a lot of coaches throughout the US, I made a visit to Philadelphia and now I have singed a letter of intent to of one the top soccer colleges. I definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for an athletic scholarship."

David Cachia