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Looking for sport university scholarships? You’ve come to the right place. At University prospects you can discover various university scholarships from colleges and universities in United States and Canada. We specialize in helping student athletes get the exposure they need to secure all sorts of athletic scholarships.

Before any student athlete can be offered an athletic scholarship, they must have the opportunity of having college and university coaches know about them and see him play. College and university scouts and coaches spend more time in highly populated areas when doing their scouting.

  • Most recruiters miss players because they never hear about them
  • Your high school coach may not fully understand the recruitment process. In fact, over 95% percent of international high school coaches were never recruited by universities or colleges or received an athletic scholarship
  • Goals and Aspirations

    Set your goal of obtaining a college scholarship. Be as optimistic as you can when trying to determine the specifics of your athletic goals. The questions UP will answer to help you make a top prospect:

    *Why should I sell myself to universities?

    *Setting and reaching your goals?

    *NCAA rules and regulations?

    *How to communicate with coaches?

    *What kind of school is for me?

    *How to answer questions and questionnaires from colleges?

    *Recruitment process: Do's and Don'ts

    Why Sell Myself to College and Universities?

    Some athletes feel that they will automatically get recruited because they're good players. Recruiting has become more sophisticated and it involves more than just your club or high school coach recommending you to some schools. If you want to get exposure and compete for athletic scholarship then you had better get the proper exposure for yourself or you will be left with an empty dream. College and university coaches need easy access to your results and recent achievements. UP will give you the chance to get noticed by coaches and increase your chances of getting recruited.


    "At UP, Brian got me in touch with a lot of coaches throughout the US, I made a visit to Philadelphia and now I have singed a letter of intent to of one the top soccer colleges. I definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for an athletic scholarship."

    David Cachia