Tennis Recruiting

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We procrastinated on asking for help from Brian Smith and University Prospects to the point that we were now at National Signing Day without a school for August. We thought we had lots of time and many possibilities yet nothing was definite. As parents going through the process we lacked the professional knowledge, proper questions to ask and insight that Brian brings. Like many others we were going to do this ourselves. No problem! The problem was our resources were limited and we lacked time and energy to do our daughter's search proper justice. We sat down with Brian and gave him our wish list in terms as to where she would like to go and what our daughter wanted to major in. The first major difference we noticed was the number of contacts that Brian brought to the front. These were Division 1 schools that had the parameters that we asked for. We found that coaches had greater respect for Brian's opinion as a professional that deals in matching prospective athletes to their programs. Brian's wealth of contacts was obvious and immediate. As parents it was peace of mind to finally leave the dirty work behind and see the University interest roll in. Brian and University Prospects have developed a large pool of schools and coaches which grows with every athlete he searches for. His website and video section is a major plus for University Coaches to go to and view for themselves those who are available. His web site increased our daughters chances nationwide. Brian is able to negotiate and mediate with coaches which takes off immense pressure as well as foreseeing difficulties that may arise from past experiences. If there is a perfect fit for your child, Brian will work endless hours to find it! Our only mistake was that we didn't take advantage of Brian and University Prospects sooner. Brian had our backs every step of the way and continues to check on us as professional follow up! We are indebted to Brian and cannot speak more glowingly of his efforts and determination John Lowicki - Daughter Sarah has committed to a soccer scholarship to Florida Gulf Coast University (NCAA 1)

John Lowicki


At University Prospects we have been working with the tennis recruitment syatem since 1999 with great success. We have a long list of clients who have found a great way to obtain an excellent education......while using all the work they have put into their tennis game to help pay for it. An athletic scholarship in Tennis can be one of the highlights of your life but it's not our first concern. We work very hard to help our clients find a scholarship at an educational institution where they have a great program in the major you have chosen.......or a track record of taking general studies students and guiding them to success.

Unfortunately, like everything else it seems, the tennis recruitment process has become more and more complicated in the last few years. That's one of the main reasons that University Prospects is great to have as a member of your search team.

There's another reason why we are a perfect choice to help you find a tennis scholarship. Our President went to the University of Texas on a tennis scholarship in the 90's and is the best source possible for the ins and outs of the tennis recruitment process. He even spent another year at the University of Texas as a tennis coach so he can cover all the bases with you.

If this makes sense to you then here is what you do next. Visit our Prospect Evaluation Page and send us some basic information so we can give you an idea as to possible next steps. Just click below or on the "Let's Get Started" tab at the top of the page.