Tennis Recruiting

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I am a happy, contented transfer student thanks to the friendly and helpful services I got from University Prospects during the fall of 2001. I was given efficient, high tech assistance with the promotion of my athletic abilities out in cyberspace when I felt I needed to make a change to my higher education institution.

My web page design was quickly done and made available to schools and coaches. Brian kept me informed as contacts were made and he was able to help orchestrate the right fit for me to a new school. I am very satisfied with my new academic facility and the soccer program at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. It has been a great soccer season and school year. I would recommend University Prospects to anyone wishing to be professionally promoted to schools and coaches.

Heather Ireland, Ontario, Canada


At University Prospects we have been working with the tennis recruitment syatem since 1999 with great success. We have a long list of clients who have found a great way to obtain an excellent education......while using all the work they have put into their tennis game to help pay for it. An athletic scholarship in Tennis can be one of the highlights of your life but it's not our first concern. We work very hard to help our clients find a scholarship at an educational institution where they have a great program in the major you have chosen.......or a track record of taking general studies students and guiding them to success.

Unfortunately, like everything else it seems, the tennis recruitment process has become more and more complicated in the last few years. That's one of the main reasons that University Prospects is great to have as a member of your search team.

There's another reason why we are a perfect choice to help you find a tennis scholarship. Our President went to the University of Texas on a tennis scholarship in the 90's and is the best source possible for the ins and outs of the tennis recruitment process. He even spent another year at the University of Texas as a tennis coach so he can cover all the bases with you.

If this makes sense to you then here is what you do next. Visit our Prospect Evaluation Page and send us some basic information so we can give you an idea as to possible next steps. Just click below or on the "Let's Get Started" tab at the top of the page.