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It is with pleasure that I offer this testimonial regarding University Prospects and the service provided by Brian Smith. Our Daughter recently received a full academic scholarship from St. Mary’s University in Halifax to play on their varsity basketball team. We had anticipated that she would end up in the States and she had been on several official visits. She received an offer from a school in South Carolina, which she was about to accept when she received an invitation to visit St. Mary’s. After some deliberation, she felt her academic needs would be better met by staying in Canada.

From the outset of our involvement with University Prospects, Brian provided the personal service required to get the attention we were hoping to get for our daughter. I had stared the process myself and soon realized that the task of pursuing a scholarship was one that I lacked both the experience and time to achieve; I needed help. We were late starting the process because a knee injury had taken our daughter out of the limelight and we needed to get her noticed again. With Brian’s help, we pulled together her academic/athletic profile and prepared a video CD, which was well received by the coaching staffs that received a copy. It was professionally prepared and far exceeded anything that I had attempted to put together myself. It is an invaluable component of the service provided by University prospects.

Once our daughter’s profile was circulated to the prospective schools, the response was overwhelming and our e-mail box was overflowing with responses from colleges and universities, many of which I did not know existed. Had I continued to pursue the scholarship chase on my own I might have contacted twenty to twenty-five schools at the most, but with University prospects the number of schools that received our daughter’s profile numbered in the hundreds and we fielded serious interest from 75 to 100 schools.

Brian gave our daughter exposure to good schools I would never have contemplated or even new existed. He works very hard and he does what he says he will do. With a little effort on our part to keep the inquiries from schools organized and to follow up with the coaches our chances of success were greatly improved. Without hesitation, I recommend his services to any parent who believes their child has the potential to play their sport at the university level. Brian has the experience of going through the process and was always available to provide advice to our daughter and us.

I believe that his services are absolutely necessary in the scholarship seeking process.

Bill Finlay


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