Lacrosse recruitment

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To whom it may concern......

For several months early in to 2003 I had been looking for educational and tennis opportunities for my son Callen upon graduation from high school in June of 2003 . I had made some contacts but without any real success.

Early in June of this year, I became aware of existence of University Prospects, an agency available to assist in the placement of student / athletes in post secondary schools in the USA., and contacted Brian Smith, president, to help with this search. Acknowledging the lateness of the hour relative to securing a school for the fall semester, Brian and his people immediately organized a profile of my son for their website, prepared an CD of his Tennis playing skills and contact numerous USA colleges and universities on his behalf to determine what options may exist for him to pursue his schooling and tennis interests outside of Canada. Needless to say there were numerous responses and a great deal of interest generated around Callen, in an EXTREMELY short period of time. Regardless of the last minute situation we were able to secure a couple of offers for Callen to attend one of those schools on a partial athletic scholarship basis. The offers were discussed with Brian and advise offered . A decision was made and a small school chosen in Tennessee where Callen exists today following his dream.

Brian Smith and his company were instrumental in securing this opportunity for Callen. He was tireless in his efforts, informative about all aspects of the process and helpful every step of the way. His personal knowledge of the American college system was invaluable. We were lucky to find him and are very thankful for his part he played in shaping Callen's future.

Charles D. Ritcey,


Over the last 20 years lacrosse has become a more popular sport at many educational institutions across North America. Even though Field Lacrosse has a limited season in much of North America the opportunityies to obtain scholarships in this sport are still there for anyone with talent and drive. The process of lacrosse recruitment can be a difficult one if you don't know where to start. Luckily that's where we come in.

University Prospects has been a valuable resource to student-athletes in many sports since 1999. We have both experience in the process and a range of contacts which makes us great to have on your team. We can help you to aviod the "dead ends" which cost potential recruits so much time, effort and money. With our support services, including SAT Preparation, we can also help you to get your academic portfolio in line so that you are only looking at schools that fit your academic profile.

At University prospects we have twin goals for each of our clients. The first, and most important one, is to help our clients get a great education. Success here is based in part on our second goal which is to help the student obtain an athletic scholarship in order to help pay for that great education. gives players the chance to be noticed and recruited by the people at every institution who can actually make both the decision and the offer. If you are a dedicated lacrosse player you already know about hard work and focus. Bring those qualities along and together we can make the lacrosse recruitment process one that will bring you to the next step in your potential growth.

Visit our prospect evaluation page and send us the basic information we'll need to help you get started. No obligation but lots to gain.