Basketball Recruiting

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I would just like to say a big thank you for all your time and effort you put in, to help me find a college. Coming from England it would have been impossible to conduct such a great deal which you did, so I realize now how many strings you had to pull to get a me a good deal with a college. Although my SAT Scores were not the greatest, I believe you got me the best possible deal available to suit me. I now look forward to studying at William Woods College and perusing my soccer career in the States. ME and my family are very grateful and will sure pass your name and reputation onto others interested.

Jamie Davies, England


If you’re a young and determined basketball player, looking for a basketball scholarship we can help.

We are University Prospects and we have been escorting student-athletes and their families through the basketball recruitment process since 1999. Our record of success and list of contacts makes us the right company to have as part of your team.

At University Prospects we have 2 goals for each client we serve. The first is to help them get a great education and the second is to help them obtain an athletic scholarship in order to help pay for it.

Our program helps you to discover your needs in a basketball program and school that will be the best "fit" for you both athletically and academically. We stay in touch with coaches across North America and are constantly looking to fill their specific needs for any combination of skills and academics that they may have. When we find something that matches everyone wins.

Except for the incredibly talented who generate their own "buzz" everyone else needs to be promoted and matched in the way we do it to make for an excellent all-around experience.

 If you are a player of any skill at all then you know about hard work and focus. The  basketball recruitment system is no different except that you can have us focus on the sometimes-confusing details and do the rest of the hard work.........while you and your family focus on making the right choice.